Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SPODs Fantasyze Presentation for 'Right Brain Business Models' for Creative Sydney @ the MCA

I was invited by Creative Sydney to present a speech about Fantasyze as a 'right brain marketing tool'. This is what I said.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 9! FINAL WEEK! Feat. Spods Modern Classiques!!

So here it is, bam, in your face goddamn, this is a dope jam!! THE FINAL WORKOUT!!! YOU'VE BASICALLY DONE IT!!! Feel good? You SHOULD!!! What an awesome journey!!! As of this week, you can literally run five kms in one go! HALF AN HOUR OF STRAIGHT RUNNING! Who would have thought? Me. I would!! I believed in you and you believed in me, together, we're eternal! I kinda wanna get married to you right now!!!

Musically this week, the workout is curated by none other than the modern classic hits of Spod, which is me. Free SPOD music, that's how much I love you!!!

I really hope you like it, and would like to thank you sincerely for letting me help you help yourself! It's a pretty great feeling!

So, there may be some more little surprises coming up, but until then, keep the fantasy alive and stay fit!! SUMMER'S NEARLY HERE!!!!! oxoxoxox


1. Funkercise
2. Makin' Party by Spod
3. Time Maggots Eating The Flesh of Destiny by Spod
4. So Exciting by Spod
5. Letz Dance by Spod
6. Norx by Spod
7. Nitefallz by Spod
8. Cats! by Spod
9. Blueprince by Spod for Blox (demo version)
10. Born 2 Luv by Spod
11. Totally Rad by Spod
12. 2131 'ride wit me' by Spod
13. Bodytalk by Spod

Monday, September 14, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 8!!! Feat. Wet Stallions

WEEK 8! We're nearly there!!! Crazy! Send me your stories if you're still going through this, have you broken through the wall, are you feeling amazing, do you look mindblowing? I wanna hear! fantasyze@spod.com.au dudes!

This week the music is provided by the amazing Wet Stallions, a 2 piece production duo who are disgruntled with the bullshit gucci dance music crap that has happened this decade and loves the sound of a chill party full of real magic! Take a train back to the land of legends with Wet Stallions in week 8!!! Excellent!!!

So 28 minute run this week, after your 5 minute warm up walk... Get into it!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 7!!! Feat. Palace of Fantasy

WEEK 7! Gettting closer to the end! How are you feeling? You sticking with it? Don't give up now, that'd be a total bummer! So this week we finally have the fabled Spod + Chris & Myles of Palace of Fire synthadelic journey jam! We hung out & jammed for 8 hours or so and this is a small part of what went down. So much fun!!! The music shall drop you in a wonderful run trance, guaranteed!

So 25 minute run this week, after your 5 minute warm up walk... So real. Hope you enjoy!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 6c - Friend Island 3 feat. Faux Pas

Friend Island 3 - Rock vs Tronix! This workout you have a 25 minute run. Don't be afraid, you're the best and totally ready for it. Musically, this workout we feature Faux Pas, who is Tim Sheil from Melbournetown, and a music jamboree to boot! You're gonna shit when you hear it! Good shit! Around Faux Pas, we have seminal Australian rock classics from some of my favorite bands from the 90s & 2000s and some stuff from the first workout of week six, coz it's not fair it only got one run! Too amazing, it's stuff you MUST hear! Week Six has been a bit experimental, because freeing your mind is the key to eternity. Believe it. Good luck! And see you next week for the Spod + Palace of Fire analog psych synth megajam!

01. Giggles Happy Place by Giggles
02. Bowdown's Golden Cornetto Land by Bowdown
03. Cup Of Wonder by Faux Pas
04. by Black Level Embassy
05. Remix of Paul Dempsey's Ramona, by Faux Pas
06. Running Wild by The Straight Arrows
07. Romance by Further
08. Seldon by Sekiden
09. Jimmy Wah Crow Bar by Gerling
10. Brent Time by Rikkard Poike
11. Giggles Happy Place 2 by Giggles
12. Magic!

till next week, oxoxox

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 6b - Friend Island 2 - Tucker Bs!

Well here's a special surprise! As it's workout 'b' of Friend Island, I thought i'd give the floor to the wonderful Tucker Bs! When I asked Hooty if he was down, he shot me in the neck with a dart gun and I found myself inside a monk. True story. So here it is! But beware, it's magical raw rock & roll music like you have never experienced! Fearless love!!!

This week has 2 x 10 minute runs with only a 3 minute break... Yikes... You'll NEED the Tucker Bs to get through it!

1. Lord We Are Your Playlord
2. Varz
3. Good Bits Trip and Fall
4. Racie
5. Songs of Love
6. Interesting Tone
7. Sip
8. Pills For Action
9. Degreaser
10. Jungle
11. Pigs Will Fly
12. All Hell Breaks Loose
13. Mothers
14. Whiskey Sea

Monday, August 31, 2009

FANTASYZE! WEEK 6a - Friend Island edition

Heya friend! Welcome to Week 6!!! Workout 1 of 3!! You're now a runner, past half way, making dreams become reality! This is serious now, no time for jokes.

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: This week there is 3 seperate downloads, so i'll make 3 seperate posts for them, with workout 2 & 3 going up in the next 23.2 hours.

This week my magical special guest stars are many fold, hence the title Friend Island. I had a bunch of buddies make me an album for my birthday, and I love it so much I wanted to make a Fantasyze out of it, so for the most part, this is from that CD, plus some other tracks from other friends, or tracks i've made for friends. Friend Island, indeed!!!

As you can see from the schedule, it's getting more and more full on, but it's not hard for you now, as you're a professional!!! Cool!!! Enjoy the fitness-isation!


1. Giggles Happy Place by Giggles
2. Bowdown's Golden Cornetto Land by Bowdown
3. The Leprechaun by Andy Clockwise
4. I Fuckin' Luv Ya Bro, by Conrad Richters
5. Brentertainment by Richard Cartwright
6. Spodracer by Chris Ross
7. Face Dip by Seja
8. Speedboat Anthem 1983 by Don Johnsons Pleasure Dome
9. Running Wild by The Straight Arrows
10. The Cure by Spod
11. Griffins vs Dragons by Chris Ross
12. Julia by Spod
13. Brentworld by Richard Poike
14. Giggles Happy Place 2 by Giggles
15. Spagetti by Pivarotti